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Features of Kawasaki Triples

Here is the quintessential Kawasaki triples view:

The Perfect H1 view

and here is a photo the whole bike, a very, very nice example of my favorite triple, a red 1970 H1 (498cc):

My Favorite Triple

Here is the most desirable of the 750cc class, a pristine 1972, something I have sadly never owned:

And here is a view of a 750 that, happily, I do own:


Finally, we have the Holy Grail, an award winning 1969 H1. It received a bid of over $15,000 on eBay
in July 2006, but that did not meet reserve. I don't wonder why, given this photo:

Here are a couple of my favorite triples websites:

There will be more here, hopefully soon. I've been saying that for years, but am finally studying, using
Creating a Web Site - the Missing Manual" and the free version of CoffeeCup.

So come on back soon.